Fitness – what are my current goals?

Health and fitness goals

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a great whatever time of day it happens to be in your time zone. Before we get started, I’d just like to announce that I’ve recently started a new Instagram account – @whatismaria – so if you haven’t already, please give me a follow and I will follow you back!

Anyway, I wanted to talk briefly about fitness goals. I believe setting obectives of all sorts – physical, mental, academic – is central to a fullfilling existence, and a fullfilling existence is what most of us pursue. I do, anyway. Health and fitness are hugely important to me. Working out aids my mental clarity, releases endorphins, temporarily restrains overthinking patterns of self doubt. Building a healthy lifestyle has helped me overcome many obstacles, such as my eating disorder, and after taking a couple of weeks ‘off’ prioritising fitness due to travelling, I decided to once again pursue improvement in this department.


So what are my fitness goals at the moment? Well, the main one is to gain muscle by eating in a calorie surplus: that is, consuming more calories than my body needs. To those who don’t know much about bodybuilding, gaining weight on purpouse may sound strange, but when you’re a small person, increasing your mass is intrinsic to building a shapelier, stronger physique overall. Whilst many people need to shed a few excess pounds to achieve health, for others the reverse holds true. In fact, since I recovered from anorexia, I’ve done all I can to avoid weight loss. I’ve sought muscle gain for several years, although inconsistently because other aspects of my life got in the way. For example, when I was taking my final exams, I didn’t go to the gym for three weeks and ate without a particular purpouse. Similarly, I tend to drop a couple of pounds when I’m travelling as I walk around alot and cannot follow a consistent eating schedule. This is okay: when fitness isn’t your career, it is okay to reshuffle your priorities, and return stronger than before when the time is right. Now, I can once more make it to the gym 5-6 times a week, cook for myself, and keep track of my progress. In particular, I want to build a curvier lower body and a stronger back, whilst keeping my waist as tight as possible (who doesn’t though, amirite 🙃). This means embracing weight gain and pushing myself to eat more, which can be a mental challenge especially when surrounded by people on a constant pursuit of weight loss, but comfort zone = stagnation. Hence, let’s raise our glasses to all sorts of gains 🍾

Of course, fitness goals shouldn’t be limited to appearance. Sure, aesthetics are indispensible to those who pursue a healthy lifestyle, but setting objectives outside of appearance can help mentally whenever your external progress hits a plateu. Currently, I want to focus on lifting heavier, because with an inconsistent gym routine over the last few months I’ve been unable to increase how heavy I lift in the gym. Many times, I would go in, do thirty minutes of cardio or circuits, then return to whatever I was doing beforehand. This increased my endurance, but did little in terms of turning me into Wonder Woman. Hence, I’m going ‘back to basics’: heavy squats, fewer reps, longer breaks between sets, longer workouts, lower intensity. There’s something incredibly satisfying about building strength, especially as a female, and my current plan is a perfect opportunity to conjure up such a feeling.

So those are my main fitness goals for the moment: gaining muscle and building strength. Working out and eating with a purpouse. This will be accompanied by fixing my insomnia, keeping hydrated and trying out new recipes which is something else I’ve neglected within a busier schedule. Certainly, if you’re new to health&fitness your goals may not be as broad as my own. But I encourage you to write down a few things you can do on a daily basis as to improve your physical wellbeing: ensure you hit your five a day, drink eight glasses of water, wake up twenty minutes earlier and go for a walk around your street. Everything counts, and later this week I have a post coming based around ten easy changes you can incorportate into your routine as to construct a healthier life.

So, readers, do you believe in fitness goals, or are you all about ‘winging it’? What do you wish to achieve within the next couple of weeks? Do let me know in the comments, and give this post a cheeky like if you enjoyed reading it.

Lots of love, Maria xoxo



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