Fitness – what are my current goals?

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a great whatever time of day it happens to be in your time zone. Before we get started, I’d just like to announce that I’ve recently started a new Instagram account – @whatismaria – so if you haven’t already, please give me a follow and I will follow you back!

Anyway, I wanted to talk briefly about fitness goals. I believe setting obectives of all sorts – physical, mental, academic – is central to a fullfilling existence, and a fullfilling existence is what most of us pursue. I do, anyway. Health and fitness are hugely important to me. Working out aids my mental clarity, releases endorphins, temporarily restrains overthinking patterns of self doubt. Building a healthy lifestyle has helped me overcome many obstacles, such as my eating disorder, and after taking a couple of weeks ‘off’ prioritising fitness due to travelling, I decided to once again pursue improvement in this department.


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My experience as an immigrant – the good and the bad.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week / weekend / whenever you’re reading this. The other day, whilst thinking about the topic of immigration, I realised it’s been nine years since I moved to England. I was nine when I moved, so I’ve spent roughly half my life outside Mother Russia. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to reflect on what the ‘journey’ (dear Lord I do hate that metaphor but my brain is too tired to think of something groundbreaking and original) has been like for me, what I’ve learnt, and the multiple sides of skipping across borders. Of course, it’s difficult to narrow nine years to the constraints of a blog post and, being white and reasonably middle class, my experience differs from that of a refugee, an oligarch, a factory worker etc. However, immigration has been and always will be a hugely relevant topic so I thought it would be interesting to highlight the ‘reality’ of my own experience.

(You can check out my old post on immigration from a political and economic perspective here, although my views have definitely changed since then!)

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My Vegan Transition

Hi everyone! As you can tell, this post encompasses a huge part of my life: veganism and eating a plant-based diet, which my one year anniversary on the lifestyle encouraged me to write. I don’t remember my first completely meat – free day, but I know it was in early September 2015 and I still can’t quite believe that I’m doing something most people can’t fathomΒ –Β because #mmmbacon (the sarcasm is strong, lol)Β andΒ I’ve found it unbelievably easy. The hardest part is not whipping out my anger management issues whenever that avalanche of questions rolls towards me every time I tell someone I’m vegan (‘Where do you get your protein?’ ‘I don’t understand how you can give up cheese’ ‘But…but…lions eat meat!’). I’m not making this post to be super preachy and propagandise veganism (perhaps another time, hehe). I want to talk about my personal journey: what finally made me turn vegan and kinda how I did it. I will try and keep this short and sweet however as I have a tendency to ramble, a part two could present itself as a possibility.

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