Three Healthy Wrap Filling Ideas

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know my food philosophy revolves around abundance, simplicity and balance. I promote abundance, hand in hand with balance, to combat myths perpetuating restrictive eating habits and the belief that fitness has to be a miserable endeavour. While salad is less boring than often assumed, and we can all benefit from eating more plantbased meals (at the same time as helping a greater ethical cause), you’ll never see me forego an opportunity involving chocolate or the blessing that is salted caramel.

Healthy eating has to be neither boring and restrictive, nor overly difficult, demanding ingredients sourced from Neptune and five hours of preparation time. This is where the principle of simplicity comes in. Whenever my schedule allows, I like to recreate a childhood favourite or bake a decadent treat, but on a typical day a lunch thrown together from fridge essentials is my go-to option. Sometimes, the result is a deconstructed bowl of ingredients, and on others – a wrap or a sandwich.

Given the popularity of wraps and sandwiches as a lunchtime option, I borrowed from the above principles to create recipes which are delicious and convenient without without the downsides of store-brought alternatives. From a health perspective, of course, an occasional store brought lunch is not going to do any harm. On many days, we do not have the luxury of cooking at home, opting for a quick bite on the go, and obsessively avoiding the need to buy ready made food is just as inadvisable as being a foreigner in your own kitchen. We should search for an equilibrium. Moreover, chain coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants are increasingly mindful of their ingredients and various dietary requirements. But cooking your food (almost) from scratch triumphs as the most satisfying endeavour and gives you the final vote on flavour, portion size, seasoning. Plus, homemade has the propensity to taste better and as aforementioned, need not disrupt your schedule, in particular when prepared in advance.

These wraps are all distinctive in their flavours to aid anyone looking to switch up their lunch, and easy to store in the fridge overnight: either eat them cold, or heat up in a microwave before consumption. They carry all the benefits associated with eating an abundance of plantbased ingredients, pack a generous serving of protein and can be made gluten free. Let me know in the comments whether you end up giving these a go, or if you are more of a sandwich person (although, feel free to squish the filling in between two slices of bread if the latter is the case).

Also, I would like to take a moment to thank you all for 1,000 followers: I appreciate every person who has visited or supported this blog in any way. The ability to help others out there always means a lot to me and I am infinitely grateful for each one of you who has chosen to give me a follow! So yeah, I would just like to say thank you once again – this is not just a number, but a community of people who have displayed an interest in my content and that, to me, is an incredible feeling. You are all wonderful people and I hope you are having the best start to 2018!

Curried chickpea wrap with red pepper hummus and a tahini drizzle

Vegan chickpea wrap recipe

This recipe combines the earthy, savoury flavour of chickpeas with an aromatic blend of spices, the prominent tang of a lemony tahini dressing, leafy greens and everyone’s favourite condiment – hummus, but with a red pepper twist. This combination of ingredients is due to become a long-term favourite of mine. If you wish, you could emit the wrap and opt for a burrito bowl instead. After all, I feel like this creation, whatever you choose to call it, is tiptoeing the fine line between wrap and burrito.


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