who am i?

Plantbased buffet

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my page. I am Maria: an 18 year old vegan foodie, weightlifter and a lover of anything related to health and fitness. Having overcome anorexia, I am now a huge advocate of living an abundant, active lifestyle full of delicious food, and believe wellness encompasses not just what you put in your body, but also your mental state. This blog is both a record of my life and a platform I use to help others implement fulfilment into their life.


So, what are the main things I cover on this blog? 

  • Food! Here you can find recipes (both of a healthy and an indulgent nature), guides to healthy eating and general musings about nutrition.
  • Wellness and self-development: I wholeheartedly believe skincare and productivity go hand in hand!
  • Fitness, workouts, and finding your balance in a world full of conflicting information and false advertising. 
  • Mental health because it’s 2017 and we should be talking about this a lot. 
  • Anything related to veganism and living a holistic, plantbased lifestyle.

Aside from blogging, I am a huge history nerd, a lover of early mornings and aspire to travel enough to have ‘travel’ as one of my blogging niches. I also try to make jokes quite a lot, usually with little success. Enjoy your stay on my little blog and hopefully I won’t disappoint 😉

♡ Lots of love, Maria 

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