who am i?

How to enjoy working out

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Maria, and I am an 18 year old (Russian-born) blogger from England. Aside from being a history nerd and having a passion for making bad jokes, I have always aspired to bring value into the world by helping others live a healthy, productive life. True wellbeing encompasses much more than what you put in your body or what you do in the gym (although, those are undoubtedly very important): it has much to do with how you view yourself and those around you, the habits you establish and the attitude with which you undertake your daily pursuits.


So, what are the main things I cover on this blog? 

  • FOOD: because we all love it. I went vegan in September 2015 and want to share my passion for plantbased cooking.
  • FITNESS: because this has to be neither miserable nor complicated. Instead, it is capable of changing anyone’s life for the better.
  • PRODUCTIVITY AND SELF-DEVELOPMENT: why not check out my post on beating procrastination to help yourself overcome an issue many of us struggle with?
  • WELLNESS: because looking after our wellbeing, both physical and mental, can be a very powerful thing.

Enjoy your stay on my little blog and hopefully I won’t disappoint!

Lots of love, Maria